23 January 2019

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Crucial Hospitality



Crucial Hospitality is a professional full service Hotel, Villas and Apartments Management Company. The organization’s aim is to assist property owners in developing their investment value & at the same time, to create a housing portfolio that, through capital investment, will be upgraded, repositioned on the tourism market and will increase its commercial value. CRUCIAL is the sole management company which offers a wide range of personalized services which responds to all owners’ needs, providing its innovative and holistic model of hotel, villas and apartment’s management, development and consulting.


Experience in the hospitality industry enables us to help our partners grow significant their business capacity, increase their occupancy, their sales and revenue while reducing labor costs. Working with CRUCIAL increases your company’s presence and awareness in the market.


Crucial Hospitality offers expertise in sales management, global management, online reservations systems (IDS) and advisory services. It is able to assist its partners gain competitive advantages as well as achieve a growth of their establishment by providing the most advanced tools to run a property and by offering tailor made solutions designed to meet client expectations.


Our cooperation with major travel agencies worldwide, as well as our ability to adapt our strategies to the business environment of a business unit, will lead it to the forefront of the tourism market.


Our Vision is to offer high quality and hassle-free accommodation to our guests surpassing their expectations, but at the same time, ensuring our offering is of great value.


Crucial Hospitality …


• Is an organization committed to integrity, honesty and a passion for quality and innovation
• Creates positive & memorable experiences for every guest
• Supports an environment that allows its associates to grow as individuals professionally and financially


The unwavering focus on operating within the company values and the methodology of utilizing quality services produce unparalleled financial results for the company’s partners.


Each Crucial Hospitality business unit is dedicated to complying with its brand standard while meeting its profitability, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction goals.